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What is a sanskara? Where did the sanskara comes from? What came before the beginning of the first sankara?


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The missing link is a creature exactly like a gorilla but with a short tail. And whereas the gorilla uses its hands while walking, the missing link walks on its feet. His face is like a chimpanzee's, and his figure and gait of walking are like the gorilla's. After this missing link, the first human form evolves [it is physically or sexually a eunuch]. Scientists may find signs of this so-called missing link in Java, Sumatra or the Indian jungles of the central provinces in Madhya Pradesh.


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What is there in the Universe?
What is there in the universe? Billions and billions of nebulae. Every nebula contains millions of worlds and ours is the earth.
A note: A nebula is a cloud of gas and dust in space. Some nebulae (more than one nebula) are regions where new stars are being formed, while others are the remains of dead or dying stars. Nebulae come in many different shapes and sizes.




Baba stated. "Today, even though I want to save people from their own actions and all the resulting bad things that are happening in the world, I cannot because it is their sanskaras that are causing them to act in this way. Even if you try to tell them, they won't listen."
And Bhau Kalchuri from Everything and Nothing 'In the working out of the avataric whim there is not the least element of chance. The aim of the whim's action is perfect and its result is precise.'

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You, as gross body, are born again and again till you realize your Real Self. You, as mind, are born only once and die only once; in this sense you do not reincarnate. The gross body keeps changing, but mind (mental body) remains the same throughout. All impressions (sanskaras) are stored in the mind. The impressions are either to be spent or counteracted through fresh karma in successive incarnations. Buddha's wheel denotes the cycle of births and deaths. The wheel goes on in its ceaseless round. It lifts you to the heights; it brings you down to the depths.

The Buddha's Wheel:

In dependence upon such spiritual ignorance, the sanskaras, 'karma formations', arise. This is illustrated by the potter throwing pots on a wheel. These 'karma formations' are our deeply-rooted habits. According to the Buddha, avidya, the state of spiritual ignorance, is akin to drunkenness. The sanskaras are like the actions we perform in that state. They are our unenlightened propensities. Under their sway we do, say, and think all kinds of things that we may even consider to be wise but we have seen drunks who think they are wise.

The sanskaras are the energetic forces that create the well-worn tracks down which our lives precede; they form the paths of least resistance that we tend unconsciously to follow. Looking back over time, we can recognize the habitual unfolding patterns that mark out the general drift and tendency of our lives. These are the signs that point to our deep underlying sanskaras - the whole mass of our unconscious habits.







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