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What is a sanskara? Where did the sanskara comes from? What came before the beginning of the first sankara?


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baba tv The First Sanskara

               Ward Park's Tiffin Lecture Scrap Book Entry:



Sanskaras stream in and out of the human mind at 10,000,000 per second

-bound  to silver; bound to gold, the sanskaric path unfolds binding  
bound the bunda mind
up to the seventh door there individual mind
'container' experiences by God’s grace, Nirvana Nirvikalpa.

Lord Buddha’s Explanation of the Universe, Lawrence Rieter, page 26


Meher Baba Prem Ashram

from 1922

Once in 1929 Baba asked some of his men Mandali, 

"Have you ever examined what I defecate?" 

Some said yes, some said no. Baba continued, 

"You have no idea what my feces contain. In the beginning of creation, I defecated, and all the suns, moons, stars and universes came out. They are all my excrement. But just imagine, when this dirty thing is so beautiful, how can you ever imagine my real splendor? You will lose your senses if you ever see even a glimpse of it.



Page 272 from the Nothing and the Everything


The first state of sanskaras is formless.
In the mental state sanskaras are in fine seed form,
in subtle form they are thin (germinating),
and in gross form they are thick (flowered)
The first Word OM was the first sanskara.

Page 274 from the Nothing and the Everything





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