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Without Sanskaras in the mind, thoughts cannot appear, and without mind and thoughts and feelings Nirvana-Nirvikalp cannot eventually occur.



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I have the actual experience of it today and feel the universe and creation emanating and projecting out of me. I feel all today that which I had a mere glimpse of then. Creation evolves and involves only re-evolving again. It is a never-ending game! I’ve explained it all in detail in my book. Even scientists will be astonished to learn the secrets explained there – not vague talks, but facts, substantiated and supported by scientific arguments. It will be the future Bible – not in the literal sense – but a book of understanding for people of all religions.
From Bhau Kalchuri's Lord Meher


This world of ours is nothing but a most finite speck in the Speck. Although to you it appears to be worlds and universes, for me it is nothing – not even a tiny speck. Scientists will gradually come to know what I have been saying for many years and am repeating today. It is not possible to see all the universes and worlds. They are not visible even with the most modern means. Nor will it be possible for man to reach them or contact them; yet, scientists will come to know about it.
From Bhau Kalchuri's Lord Meher



Latent and Latency

Meher Baba's God Speaks

Meher Baba's God Speaks

EVERYTHING by virtue of being everything embodies even
“NOTHING,” or else Everything can never mean everything. This
Nothing is latent in the Everything. But Nothing, being literally
nothing, the very being of being nothing is nothing at all.

Thus, in the infinitude of the God-Is state all that is latent in the nature of Infinity, which is Everything, is the Nothing. Therefore anything that is latent in Everything is of the Nothing. In short, except for the infinity of the infinitude, all things are latent in the God-Is state of Everything; and all that is latent is of the Nothing with all its aspects as Nothingness.

Meher Baba's God Speaks

The Latent and the Latency

It is only natural that when this latent and most finite Nothing
manifests, it ought to manifest as most finite.
But it is a most paradoxical fact that when this most finite Nothing
manifests, its manifestation gradually expands ad infinitum .

Meher Baba's God Speaks


The First Sanskara

The First Sanskara

This first Word OM was the first sanskara
It is natural.
All other sounds in creation
are the mental, subtle, or gross form of the sound OM
and these sounds are unnatural ("I am this; I am that").

Desires create sanskaras
What limits consciousness?
What is the cause of limitation?
Desire—so desires should disappear.
The first desire was to know "Who Am I?"
This first Word OM was the first sanskara
The first state of sanskaras is formless.
in the mental state sanskaras are in fine seed form,
in subtle form they are thin (germinating),
and in gross form they are thick (flowered)
(The lines from 10% of the missing Book collected from Bhau's the Nothing and the Everything}

Meher Message Baba says 'Desires and thoughts are sanskaras in the subtle
form, and actions are sanskaras in the gross form.'



To expand upon the Sanskara from Hermes Reiter's Lord Buddha's Explanation of the Universe

The Original ignorance is termed "Maya,"
Which means the principle of ignorance of all human actions,
or the cosmic forces that bind the mind to the Universe.
In this sense, sanskaras are perceived as a necessary evil,
because without sanskaras there is no mind,
and mind functions by the very forces of the sanskaras,
and without it a unit of mind there is no consciousness.
The whole purpose of evolution is
for the mind to develop consciousness
and the means of this development is sanskaras.
The purpose of evolution is to unwind or thin the sanskaras
in the individual's human consciousness;
and as the sanskaras unwind and thin,
the individual's human consciousness experiences
all the powerful energy and mental forces in the Universe.
And these pranic energy and mental forces in the Universe
are the infinite energies and powers
behind the atomic forces for the material Universe
that the mental power of the mind can discern and hold.
In evolution, all the invisible forces in the Universe become visible
and all the invisible forces of the Universe become attainable!


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