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These sansakarame pages source from Ward Parks Tiffin Lecture, the notes, from C.P. Ranasinghe 1957 first edition Lord Buddha’s explanation of the universe, and from Meher Baba’s Lawrence ‘Hermes’ Reiter,s edited version Lord Buddha’s Explanation of the Universe, Meher Message, Meher Gazette, and Divya Vani magazines.







The nebula, which is created by the compact of Space [Akash] and Energy [Pran] and subtle gas, is false light. The indescribably huge and innumerable pieces into which the nebula breaks up are so dazzlingly bright that each of them surpasses the light of billions of suns put together. But they are not hot.

Each piece of the nebula is so dazzlingly brilliant that it equals the light of ten crores [hundreds of millions] of suns combined, and its size equals that of a thousand millions of suns. And there are millions and billions of such pieces of nebula, all originating from the tiniest Creation Point!

To sum up: God is the Real Infinite Light; the infinite subtle gas is the Infinite Real Darkness; the nebula is false light; the sparks or heavenly bodies are the shadows of the false light; and our world is false darkness.

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What is there in the universe? Billions and billions of nebulae. Every nebula contains millions of worlds, and ours is the Earth.

What is there in the whole universe? It is gas in its 276 Subtle states. Before gas turns into the first manifestation of the Gross, it evolves through 276 Subtle stages. None of the scientists knows about these 276 Subtle forms of gas before its first manifestation in the Gross. Subtle gas very gradually turns into Gross form such as hydrogen, oxygen, etc. In the nebulae, in all heavenly bodies and in the planets there is evolution. All of evolution begins from the nebulae. The 276 Subtle stages begin from the beginning of the nebulae, which are at the source of Subtle energy (Pran) and Subtle space (Akash).


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