A Selection of Restoration Reconditioned Photos

The originals will be posted in a future Ubiquitous collection for those wishing to view original vs alternate

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Infinitum Advent Ephemera


Love Ezad


Lord Meher

Meher Baba 1925

Meher Baba 1922



Meher Baba Nasik


Meher Baba Elora


Sad Guru Meher Baba



Meher Baba France


Meher Baba Arti


Meher Baba Discourses


Meher Baba




Mani S Irani

Mani S Irani


Meher Baba Avatar







Samadhi Meher


Baba Sleeping


baba women

Mast with Meher Baba

baba's alphabet board


You Alone Exits



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Hu Knows
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