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Henry Kashouty
July 1988
54 Minutes
Los Angeles Sahavas

Henry Kashouty, lawyer, judge, trombone player, and determined lover of Baba, shares his insights, struggles, and understanding of a way to find Baba within ourselves. He has been preoccupied with increasing his awareness of God. He diligently examined everything he thought and said. He concluded his thoughts and words were based on selfish motives, so he tried to change his thoughts, words, and deeds. He realized he wanted to find joy in doing the everyday things in life; and found that thinking of Baba gave him more energy and joy. In Henry’s words, “We are here to rededicate ourselves in a practical way to focus our mind on the purpose of creation and make it practical to find hope and joy in the moment.”

Here are some of Henry’s insights on life. “All life can teach you, no matter what you accomplish, is you are not free. We must not allow events and thoughts to be our masters. Thoughts are rooted in desire. The purpose of our being here is to make a meaningful new beginning to find that absolute self-grounded happiness does not depend on anyone or anything; but only an increase in awareness that can only come from your ability to gradually focus more and more and more on the total embodiment of love in human form. The mind can never do anything except talk about love, or talk about reality, or talk about fidelity, or talk about quality. It is the heart that gives the feeling of it; and then the heart uses the mind whether eloquent or inarticulate. Even an inarticulate mind, controlled by the heart, is eloquent. The heart uses that mind to be creative in this gross world and that love can take form whether you are skilled or unskilled. If that love takes form and you have no skill, your very step is creative; your very glance is creative because the heart is dictating it all. That’s what we are capable of.”

Here are some of Henry’s insights on the mind: “What must we know about the mind? We must know that which tells us the mind is very treacherous. The mind which is the seat of the ego is hydra-headed. There is no way the mind can do anything to annihilate itself. It is the ego that we constantly must gratify. As we walk in the direction Baba points to, we begin to find illusion is not to be feared because reality is something different. The mind must be tethered to the remembrance of Baba. That is the only safe thing. Experience has taught me that. Experience has taught you that. It is not enough (to know). We must act on it. I become appalled when I haven’t remembered Baba for a period of time. That’s good because then we renew ourselves to our remembrance of Baba.”

In this video, you feel Henry Kashouty’s fiery love for Baba, his sharp analytical mind delving into age-old questions that we have all asked ourselves, and answers that are fresh because he has glimpsed an experience into that ocean of love.

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