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Avataric Kiss

Lyn Ott
July 1983
1 Hour 2.3 Minutes
Los Angeles Sahavas

Avataric Kiss Audio

This talk by Lyn Ott is focused on the time period when Lyn first met Baba in India (October 1965) and his subsequent move from Woodstock to Myrtle Beach in 1966. The spiritual theme that shines through the weaving fabric of Lyn’s story is obedience to Baba’s instructions and of Baba’s omniscience/compassion/naturalness in allowing Lyn to see Baba clearly and in different moods via facial expressions.

Lyn is known in Myrtle Beach as the man with the wild ideas, but he says the intent is to generate enthusiasm in the hearts of Baba lovers; and to blend intellect with love from the heart. Through Lyn’s demeanor, this video shows that he represents this blend of head and heart.


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Avataric Kiss - the Advent Chronicles - Ripples Beyond Maya

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