Here are the issues the Archive has acquired.

This is what He has; this is what Baba needs.

Baba needs His legacy literature footprints so that the future humanities may feel His advent.
If tens of thousands of these issues were printed and distrubted how did all those priceless issues disappear? Over 50% of Meher Baba relics and Mandali relics have been lost. How so? Most devotees make no arrangement for precious items and after the pass those materials are distrubted, discarded. Thus the urgency of the Archive's plea to donate for posterity rare out of print Baba books, posters, cards, brouchers, pamphlets. It is our advent duty to seek out any remaining rare out of print issues and surrender them to the Archive for protection and preservation.

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Editor : K.J.Dastur
1st Issue : January 1929
Final issue : November 1931

The Meher Message  
This was the first regular periodical about  Baba.  It was first issued in 1929 and was published monthly until  its discontinuation in 1932.  In the Meher Message, Meher  Baba gave some of  his earliest and  most esoteric discourses. Almost every month there was a new discourse of  Baba's ranging from the detailed mechanics of the universe, to the evolution of human souls from other planets onto our unique earth.

The magazine was sustained not only by subscriptions but also by advertisements, including f ull page ads for Sarosh Irani's Motor Works.

            The Meher Message     The Meher Message v1 no 7  




       the meher message     the meher message     the meher message v1 no 11



       the meher message v2  no 1     the meher message v 2     the meher message magazine  




       the meher message magazine     the meher message magazine     the meher message magazine        




       the meher message magazine     the meher message magazine     the meher message magazine




     the meher message magazine     the meher message magazine