Here are the issues the Archive has acquired. We need Advent agent to roam the world to collect lost loose scattered Meher Gazettes for the Archive's collection. The Archive needs a full and complete set for His New Humanity, for the Meher Baba Library.

This is what He has; this is what Baba needs.

Baba needs His legacy literature footprints so that the future humanities may feel His advent.
If tens of thousands of these issues were printed and distrubted how did all those priceless issues disappear? Over 50% of Meher Baba relics and Mandali relics have been lost. How so? Most devotees make no arrangement for precious items and after the pass those materials are distrubted, discarded. Thus the urgency of the Archive's plea to donate for posterity rare out of print Baba books, posters, cards, brouchers, pamphlets. It is our advent duty to seek out any remaining rare out of print issues and surrender them to the Archive for protection and preservation.


In 1930, the Meher League was formed in Bombay. It brought out a small quarterly newspaper entitled the Meher Gazzette. This magazine contained all the features of a newspaper,from poetry to prose, from advertisements to Baba's messages. It was published from 1930 until 1938 when it ceased publication and incorporated with the new Meher Baba Journal.

PDF Scans viewable on Issuu.com. Here are the issue links below:

Adobe Pdf scans of Meher Gazettes:
Meher Gazette Volumes One
Meher Gazette Volumes Two
Meher Gazette Volumes Three
Meher Gazette Volumes Four
Meher Gazette Volumes Five
Meher Gazette Volumes Six
Meher Gazette Volumes Seven

References: https://issuu.com/parvardigar

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          meher gazette     meher gazette
     Vol 1 No 1 June 1930                                        Vol 1 No 2                                                           Vol 1 No 3

   meher gazette      meher gazette      meher gazette
    Vol 1 No 4                                                           Vol 1 No 5 & 6                                                     Vol 2 No 2 May-June 1933

   meher gazette      meher gazette      meher gazette
    Vol 2 No 3                                                           Vol 2 No 6                                                        Vol 3 No 4

   meher gazette      meher gazette      meher gazette

     Vol 3 No 2                                                           Vol 3 No 5                                                            Vol 3 No 6 January-February 1935

   meher gazette      meher gazette      meher gazette

    Vol 4 No 1                                                              Vol 4 No 3                                                            Vol No 4

   meher gazette      meher gazette      meher gazette
     Vol 4 No 5                                                             Vol 5 No 1 & 2                                                         Vol No 3 & 4   July-October 1936

   meher gazette      meher gazette      meher gazette

    Vol 5 No 6 Nov Dec                                             Vol 6 No 1 & 2                                                           Vol 7 No 3


meher gazette
                                                   Vol 7 No 1 & 2   March-June 1938