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God Speaks Session Seven


Ward Parks
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Session Seven



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How It All Happened
Part Seven

With the evolution from the vegetable kingdom, the feet of the crudely manifested inverse human form in the tree gradually come further and further down as the soul passes through different forms, until they (the feet) lie flat on the ground in the form of a worm, whose mouth is upward and not underneath the ground. This is the SECOND TURN.
From the worm state, the latent form begins to rise again with face upward. Its THIRD TURN, say to an angle of sixty degrees, occurs in the fish form whose feet are down, but the upper part of whose body is raised. Even when the fish
dives down into the water, its eye remain turned upward — which may be contrasted to those of a human being whose eyes, while diving, are turned downward. The wings of every fish are its compact hands and feet. The last fish form is the water-fowl in which this latent form is found to be somewhat erect and the THIRD TURN is completed.
Once again, through various changes, comes the FOURTH TURN, with face downward, in the shape of a crab. From the fourth turn, the feet remain in a compressed form till the inverse turn takes place. The FIFTH TURN takes place in the kangaroo form, and it is inverse, because the head begins rising up and manifesting itself.
The principal manifestations of the latent human form in the animal kingdom are those of the kangaroo, the dog, and the monkey. The kangaroo is the first animal form in which the soul incarnates after passing through the last bird form, and that is why its front two legs are so very small. With further progress, the feet begin to get higher and higher, as in bears, lions, etc. (but the eyes remain turned downward), till in the dog form, the latent human form can actually sit on its hind legs. The last stepping stone which helps the latent human form in completely manifesting itself is the monkey. The fifth turn is completed in the human form, which is its complete manifestation.
Simultaneously with the clash between Prana and Akasha or Energy and Emptiness, fire, water, air and earth became manifested. Stones, metals and vegetables during their organic evolution, have chief connection with earth; fish have connection with water, birds with air, animals with fire, and human beings with all the four elements.

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The Beyond the Beyond State of God

This state of divine vacuum prevails just at the instant when the Nothing disappears or vanishes and just immediately before the Ev e r ything fills in that vacuum to give conscious experience of the reality of the “I am God” state.

Merwan S Irani

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