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God Speaks Session Five


Ward Parks
Meher Baba's God Speaks
Session Five



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The manifestation of the electron, the most finite gross form, or the first drop-bubble, is the The manifestation of the electron, the most finite gross form, or the first drop-bubble, is the beginning of the organic evolution that terminates in the human form. With the manifestation of this most finite drop-bubble, Atman, the drop, begins to know** the universe — nothingness most finitely. This experiencing of the universe by the Atman or soul through the electron is almost imperceptible and negligible; yet this minutest "knowing" or consciousness creates sanskaras — A'mal — Impressions, which cause the drop — Atman to leave the bubble — form. When the drop leaves the bubble, the sanskaras do not leave the Atman but remain about it, and again cause the Atman to take a bigger bubble or body. Through this second form, the Atman knows the universe more, as the angle of vision or the consciousness of knowing increases with the increase in the form. And with the increase in this consciousness, the sanskaras also increase and cause the drop to assume a yet bigger form when the second one falls off. And in this way, the evolution of drop-bubbles goes on for ages till, after countless changes of bubbles, the Atman gets the human form.
But the evolution is not of the drop (Atman) but of the bubble (body or form). The Atman remains the same Indivisible and Infinite Ocean from the beginning till the end of form evolution. But with the organic evolution, or advancement of the bubbles, the knowing or consciousness of ignorance — universe increases step by step. This consciousness on the part of the Atman is called chaitanya. This chaitanya becomes Jiv — individual in the human form. It is in the human form only that the Jivatman can realize the Paramatman, because with the Atman being infinite, the consciousness must also be infinite: and the consciousness is infinite only in the human form. Therefore the human form is the end of organic evolution.


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The Beyond the Beyond State of God

Similarly, no rhyme, no reason and no cause other than the original, infinite whim of the absolutely independent God was the actual Cause—the original cause—for God in the original divine sound sleep state to wake up out of the unbounded, original vacuum.

Merwan S Irani

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