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Ward Parks
God Speaks Session Two


Ward Parks
Meher Baba's God Speaks
Session Two



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How It All Happened
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The passing fancy was really a passing fancy, and not a premeditated act. The shock was simultaneous with the passing fancy and the creation synchronized with the shock; and along with the shock, the Paramatman became conscious. But He became conscious, not of Self but of the creation, because the manifestation of the creation and consciousness took place at one and the same time.
Suppose you close your eyes, and then, all of a sudden imagine you are tickled. As soon as you imagine that, at one and the same time, four different things will happen, viz: (1) you will feel that your body is being touched; (2) you will experience a mild shock; (3) you will open your eyes without any such intention, and (4) you will see something of the surroundings without the intention of seeing anything. Something like this happened when the creation manifested itself. Compare the first happening (your being touched) to the passing fancy of God; the second happening (experience of mild shock) to the shock which God received; the third happening (opening of eyes) to the consciousness which God experienced, and the fourth happening (that which you see) to the manifestation of creation. As the Paramatman uses His consciousness for knowing the creation, The following diagram shows the above details at a glance:* it follows then that for Him to use it for knowing Himself the universe must disappear; or the seeing must remain, but that which is seen must vanish.


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The Beyond the Beyond State of God

Accordingly consciousness in the Beyond the Beyond state of God is ever and ever latent in God Who is by nature the Everything — infinite and unlimited and unbounded. Thus automatically, by His very nature of being the Everything, God in the God-Is state has in Him ever and ever infinite power, infinite knowledge, infinite bliss and all that is infinitely glorious or beautiful.

Merwan S Irani






Infinite Gratitude

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