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Mani tells the story about reading Rex Stout to Baba during a January 1969 afternoon. As she read this story to Baba, He seemed to fall asleep during a passage that she knew he had loved the first time she had read it to Him. The other women mandali were there, and they all agreed via gestures, to suspend the reading because they thought Baba would like to hear the passage. Baba’s eyes were closed, and there was a deep breathing, nearer a light snore. But when she stopped, Baba immediately snapped His fingers and told her to continue. Mani teased Baba, “I was a bit naughty. ‘What did I read?’”

Books Read to the Ancient One
Meher Baba's Suspense Library

Charlotte Armstrong
The Unsuspected
The Chocolate Cobweb

Gordon Ash
There Goes Death

Jane Austen 
Pride and Prejudice

Denys James Warkins-Pitchford
Little Grey Men

Anthony Berkeley
Trial and Error

Suzanne Blanc
The Green Stone

Francis Blundell
Manor Farm

Ben Bolt
Linked by Peril

Sheila Burnford 
The Incredible Journey

H. Cane 
The Old Man loved Cane
Woman Thou Gavest Me

John Dickson Car
And So to Murder
The Curse of the Bronze Lamp
He Who Whispers
Mad Hatter Mystery
Murder in the Atlantic
My Late Wives
The Nine Wrong Answers
The Skeleton in the Clock

Leslie Carteris
The Avenging Saint
The Brighter Buccanner
The Saint Intervenes
Saint Overboard
The Saint vs. Scotland Yard
The Saint: Wanted for Murder

Agatha Christie
The ABC Murders
The Big Four
Cards on the Table
A Caribbean Mystery
Case of the Distressed Lady
The Clocks
The Crooked House
Dead Man's Folly
Death Comes at the End
Death in the Air
Destination Unknown
Five Little Pigs
Funerals Are Fatal
Henrie Poirot Master Detective
Labor of Hercules
Make Mine Murder
The Moving Finger
Murder at Hazlemoor
Murder at the Vicarage
Murders in the Mews
A Murder Is Announced
The Mystery of the Blue Train
Poiret Investigates
Poiret Loses a Client
Sparkling Cyanide
Surprise, Surprise
Third Girl
Thirteen for Dinner
Thirteen for Lunch
Towards Zero
The Witness for the Prosecution

B. Chute

J. Clayton
Bunny Brothers

E. Coatsworth 
The Cat who Went to Heaven

J. Creasy
Dangerous Quest

P. Dalton
The Darkening Willows

Daphne Du Maurier
Frenchman's Creek
The King's General

Mignon Eberhart
The Chiffon Scarf
The House on the Roof
While the Patient Slept

J. Jarjeon
The Impossible Guest
Rona Runs Away
Mary Fitt
Death and the Pleasant Voice

Rose Franklyn

Paul Gallico
Arris Goes to Paris

Tom Gallon
The Mystery of Roger Bullock
Rogue's Heiress

Francis Gerard
Emerald Embassy
Golden Guilt
Prince of Paradise
Red Rope

David Graeme
Monsieur Blackshirt
Rider Haggard
Witch's Head
Edgar Hale
Death Dealt the Cards

Georgette Heyer
Reluctant Widow
Why Shoot a Butler
Victoria Holt
Bride of Pendorric
Kirkland Revels
Menfreya in the Morning
Mistess of Mellyn

Sydney Horler
The High Game
The Man Who Loved Spirders
Willing Irish
The Night has a Thousand Eyes

W. Jacobs
Odd Craft

J Jerome

Paul Kelver

Irina Karlove
Empty House

Louis Kornitzer

Alan Laing
Prayers and Graces (book of extraordinary piety)

P. Layton
Murder Will Out

Lee Harper 
To Kill a Mockingbird

William Locke
Simon the Jester

Jack London
Call of the Wild
W Lord
A Night to be Remembered

Dana Lyon
It's My Own Funeral

Betty Macdonald
The Egg and I

Francis McManus
Fire in the Dust

Margaret Mitchell
Gone with the Wind (Baba also saw the Movie)

Ace of Spades

Baroness Orczy
I Will Repay
Lord Tony's Wife
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
the way of the Scarlet Pimpernel

Margaret Pedlar
Red Ashes

Raymond Postgate
Verdict of Twelve

Ellery Queen
Cat of Many Tails
Double Double
Face to Face
The Finishing Stroke
The Murder Is a Fox
Queen's Full
Scarlet Letters
Ten Day's Wonder
Vanishing Corpse
Virgin Heiresses 
Chas Reade
Singleheart and Double Face

Craig Rice
The Lucky Stiff
Thursday's Tricky Murders

Sax Rohmer
Dr. Fu Manchu

Rafael Sabatini
Anthony Wilding
Captain Blood
Captain Blood Returns
Fortune's Fool
St Martin's Summer

J. Austin Small
The Avenging Ray
The Man They Couldn't Arrest
Valentine Diamonds

M Sharp
Cluny Brown
Helen Simpson
Under Capricorn
B Smith
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
M Stewart
Airs Above the Ground
The Ivy Tree
My Brother Michael
Nine Coaches Waiting
This Rough Magic

Rex Stout
All Aces
And Be a Villain
And Four to Go
Before Midnight
The Black Mountain
Black Orchids
Champagne for One
Death of a Doxy
The Doorbell Rang
Eat, Drink, and Be Burid
The Father Hunt
The Final Deduction
Full House
The Golden Spiders
Homicide Trinity
If Death Ever Slept
In the Best of Families
The League of the Frightened Men
Might As Well Be Dead
Mother Hunt
Muder by the Book
Not Quite Dead Enough
Over My Dead Body
Plot it Yourself
Prisoner's Base
The Red Box
A Right to Die
The Rubber Band
The Second Confession
Silent Speaker
Some Buried Caesar
Three at Wolfe's Door
Three for the Chair
Three Men Out
Three Witnesses
Too Many Clients
Too Many Cooks
Too Many Women
Trio for the Blunt Instruments
Trouble in Triplicate
Where There's a Will

Tolkien, J. R. R.
The Fellowship of the Rings
The Hobbit
The Return of the King
The Two Towers

P Trent 
The Craven Mystery

M Troll
The Finn Family

Edgar Wallace
Again the Three Just Men
Big Foot
Black Abbott
Captain of Souls 
The Chick
The Clue of the Silver Key 
The Dark Eyes of London
Devil Man 
The Double
Duke in the Suburbs 
Feathered Serpent 
Flat Two
Flying 55 
Forty-Eight Short Stories
The Fourth Plague
Frightened Lady 
Green Archer 
The Green Ribbon
India Rubber Man
Iron Grip
King by Night 
Man from Morocco 
The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder
The Orator 
Red Aces
Room Thirteen
The Sinister Man
The Square Emerald 
The Strange Countess
Three Oak Mystery 
Valley of Ghosts 
White Face 

R. Weyman
Castle Inn & others 

L. Wibberly, Leonard
The Mouse that Roared 

C.N. Williamson
The Golden Silence 
It Happened in Egypt 
My Friend the Chauffeur 
Woman in Grey 
P. G. Wodehouse
Bertie Wooster Sees It Through 
Big Money
Code of the Woosters
Easy Money 
Hot Water 
How Right You Are Jeeves 
If I Were You
Jeeves in the Offing 
Jeeves Omnibus
Joy in the Morning 
Laughing Gas
Nothing But Wodehouse
Pigs Have Wings 
Return of Jeeves
Right Ho, Jeeves
Service with a Smile
Small Bachelor 
Something New 
Spring Fever
Stiff Upper Lip
Summer Moonshine
Thank You, Jeeves
Uncle Dynamite 
Uncle Fred in the Springtime
Weekend Wodehouse

Coornell Woolrich
The Doom Stone 
S. F. Wright
Isle of Captain Sparrow 
Doormford Yates
She Fell Among Thieves 
Vanity Fair



Relaxing with the women mandali, Meher Baba liked the Nero Wolfe detective mysteries by Rex Stout, and Mani would read those and other books, such as J. R. R. Tolkien's books, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.













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