AMBCSC Archive is dedicated to collecting, preserving, protecting, and making available precious items of the Advent of Avatar Meher Baba (1894-1969). Inventory includes artifacts and objects touched by and/or blessed by Meher Baba, as well as a variety of other Advent relics. Archive maintains the highest standard of archive procedures and protocol befitting of this most important service to the Avatar of the Age. We are a repository of rare and precious items connected to Meher Baba’s Life and Teachings, with the intent of sharing openly, without reservation, in this the digital Museum our Archives.

Archive has preserved, catalogued, and digitally photographed Advent memorabilia; we have restored and preserved photographs, digitally recording them for posterity. Manuscripts, pamphlets, correspondence, newspaper articles, flyers and documents have been safeguarded; all have been scanned and are shared on our website. Archive has in its custody extremely rare and fragile Advent relics and precious items which are held in a climate controlled environment; many have been carefully encased with acid-free protective covers and casings. Posters and rare print material have been meticulously preserved, digitally scanned, and stored according to museum-quality standards.

Film, audio recordings, and video tapes have been painstakingly converted to digital content, edited, and stored for public viewing. Archive has created the ‘the Oral History Archive Project’ and uploaded over 500 films and recordings to YouTube and our website as of June 1st, 2017; more is to come. Archive continues in its duty to provide an arc to the Footprint of Meher Baba’s Life, striving to make the inventory we have in custody available for all to see. One pressing goal of Archive is to reach a global audience of those who follow His teachings, with the objective to become a source for scholarly study of Avatar Meher Baba. Archive also seeks to become a point of reference to the researcher of all things spiritual. The aspiration is to become an inner sanctum of information and wisdom to those seekers of Truth.










Baba says
“Every heart that loves me becomes an ashram for my work.”