Jai Meher Baba



Jurgis Sapkus

The History of the Sculputre
Mast Mohammed

Filis Frederick



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Jurgis Sapkus, originally from Lithuania, is a well-known Baba sculptor from Los Angeles. When Jurgis arrived early in the pilgrim season, his first task was to travel to Makhrana, Rajasthan, to acquire a large piece of white marble for his life-size sculpture of Baba and Mohammed Mast. His trip to get the marble is a story in itself, a success, and his work in the courtyard at MPR is shaping up beautifully. Mohammed's laughing face and Baba's tender embrace are captivating as they emerge fromJurgis's expert chisel strokes. The luminescent marble, of the same type as India's Taj Mahal, is harder and more prone to splits than the Arizonan marble Jurgis has used previously, so he finds this aspect of the work challenging. Jurgis intends to finish the piece by the end of December.