Here from the Pumpkin House is a wood fragment soaked with Divine Presence.


Pumpkin House Front

This Side


Pumpkin House Back

The Other Side




As you move through the open door to this room know that your moment is private, personal.
In our room of intimacy the perfume of His Presence is everywhere.

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Pumpkin House Ltr2


Mathew wrote:


Dara and Amrit gave Priscilla and myself a piece of the same wooden ceiling of Pumpkin House.  And he related the story behind the wood: that the house was renovated and the wood was saved.  I wrote down notes from Dara's description of why the wood was saved, and I have to refer to my notes: he wrote them down in person at tea as he talked, January 2008.
Without referring to the notes (I'll have to do that and see if this email is inaccurate), here is what I remember: Dara explained that Pumpkin House is so named because of the pumpkin shaped rock in front of it.  I somehow remember he said it is across the street from Baba's brother's house (Behram), for Behram had inherited (I believe) the family home in Poona. (Gosh, I'm getting faint about my facts already!)  I was surprised that we had visited Behram's house and "Baba's room" long ago and did not realize that Pumpkin House is right near!
Dara explained about a lawsuit to move renters out of Pumpkin House.  "Auntie Mani" helped with the law suit very much, and I think it went to trial and needed testimony and all sorts of legal action over quite a period of time.  I was so surprised at the mundane affairs, and necessary family everyday affairs, that the Mundali had to attend to --- that a Mundali member would be involved in a tedious law suit to force renters out of the house! But when will I learn that Baba gets his work done through the Mundane Affairs of the World.  At last the renters were moved out, but the house was not in good shape.  And it was renovated: the wood is from that renovation of Pumpkin House.
 As I remember, I was very surprised to learn that Baba spent time in Pumpkin House coming down from Babajan's Kiss; I somehow thought he had only been in "the room" at the family house.

It is important of course that the description be very accurate: once when Priscilla and I did a Baba postcard at the request of the Trust, Mani very kindly wrote us and pointed out mistaken punctuation in the quote on the postcard.  She said that hundreds of years from now that punctuation would become very important and we must be extremely careful with everything to do with Baba's Work!
I will check my notes again, and perhaps the final description should be sent to Dara for a check of accuracy.
 By the way, I had a very unusual experience with our piece of wood when I first unpacked it after getting back from India; I saw streams of energy and light spiraling out from a book which had been packed next to the wood, and that pleasant, wonderful energy spiraled off into the universe. Not that some spiraling light really matters in and of itself, but only that it reminded me of Baba's Light and Love
Much Love in Him,