The sadhra also written as sadra is a muslin shirt traditionally worn by Zoroastrians.
Beloved Meher Baba, Christ Incarnate, adapted the sadhra.

From the Sadhra Room presenting the photo exhibit of His Precious Garment


the perfume of His Presence is everywhere






The Journey Through Weave

As you move through the open door into this room know that your moment is private, personal.
In our room of intimacy the perfume of His Presence is everywhere. The arrival here is beyond coincidence, fate, happenstance. The arrival of your attentions was written long ago beyond your invitation to the Museum.

The Lord wishes to show our attendees His Garment that He wore in His physical form and that He now wears in His Spiritual Form. Pleas notice how He took care to spreading out the Garment for your pleasure.  Please look deep into  the texture, the intimacy of thread and offer devotions to Him, the most High.



In this room His warmth manifests. The magnitude of  Being exists in this moment.  The Garment’s case is hand made with cherry wood.  Now close your eyes and allow His magnificent silences to pierce your heart. This one thread alone; this single thread of the Garment will burn away dark veils of ignorance. Caress this one thread your spiritual sight and press close into these precious delicate threads. Here a  divine urge to press lips and cheek into Him immediate Intimacy.

Pass into spirit into omnipresence pass deep into the God Man's Garment into the fabric in our Museum
Behold the Spirit Caress! Stitch weaving into stitch into the Presence, the Eternal Ancient One

In our Sadhra Room we offer soft low seating so that the attendee may command the silences manifesting in a swirling motion to calm the mind.
Come along into this Silence masquerading as Sound. Spirit and nature united in the enclave  of quietude where one can taste the divine scent.
The Magnificence is here as mystery delicate threads clinging to our Lords spiritual form – with obedience these eyes divine adoring Thee. This knowing work complete to your satisfaction 100% you assumed after releasing body material your spiritual form – evervescent presence –
Eyes of the collector this curator witnessing objects relics materials discarded past – with our Beloved curator’s eyes knowing objects in Nothing all is salvaged when objects remind us to remember Presence




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